Trademarking your product names, business name, logos, slogans and/or Domain names is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

Key Benefits

  • Protection of your "intellectual properties".
  • Profit from product name and/or business name recognition.
  • Costs of Potential Litigation are drastically reduced or eliminated altogether.


Trademark holders can prevent their competitors and other third parties from using their registered trademark without permission. A trademark is essential for all companies that profit from product name or business name recognition. Here you have a direct connection to experienced, professional and low cost trademark services: and 1-800-4-TRADEMARK. Ah, the magic of custom domain names and "Toll Free" numbers!


Some businesses avoid litigations due to the high costs involved. Lawsuits regarding use, misuse and abuse of business names, slogans, logos, and product names can cost many thousands of dollars. Trademarking your logos or tollfree domain names (.com, .net, .org) and registration of similarly confusing domain names (i.e. own them), provides an incredible level of protection of your intellectual property.  Using this approach potential litigations are drastically reduced or eliminated altogether. Additionally the similar and confusing domain names can be used to direct traffic to your primary website.

You will need experienced expertise in corporate images, logos, hosting and more. We will provide it for you through our partner, MyDeveloper (d/b/a 1800FineWork.Com). Contact them at 1-800-FineWork (same as 1-800-346-3967, or fax 1-888-346-3967).

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