Your toll free and other custom 1-800 phone numbers and domain names are essential keys to the initial and continuing success of your business, both on and off the Internet.
What is National/International Branding?
National and international toll free branding of your services is accomplished by using unique new 800 numbers and "dot.coms." This approach exemplifies a new and very powerful way of doing business. Custom toll free "vanity" numbers are far more memorable than the underlying raw numbers that they represent. This is also true of unique and well chosen "" domain names. Is there any doubt that domains such as CocaCola.Com®, or matched domain names and toll free numbers such as and 1-800-FLOWERS® have fabulous name branding, memorability and commercial value? Distinctive branding is essential to commercial success.

Key Benefits

  • 800 Number Support
  • Toll Free Fax Numbers

Below are several examples that demonstrate the possibilities. Note that each instance of ".com" might also be available as ".net" and ".org":

The toll free principle applies exactly the same way to alternate numbers and domain names. See these examples:

Other alternate numbers at the present time include 1-877, 1-866, and 1-855.

Tollfree domain registration savings of over 50% compared with the prices at Network Solutions® when you register your domains with our service! Not bad, not bad at all.

Great savings in cash and legal fees as you protect your investments in a manner that is very cost effective.

1 800 Number Support- Toll Free support
Providing easily accessible no cost telephone client/customer support for your products and services will clearly give you an edge over many of your competitors. This is such a great idea that we use it ourselves. Contact our support staff at: 1-800-FineWork (same as 1-800-346-3967), or 1-888-346-3967.
Toll Free Fax Numbers
A tollfree fax number is just as easy and useful as regular voice numbers. After all, the essential idea is to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for existing and potential clients to contact you. The magic word for today is communications.
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