What is National/International Branding?

National and international toll free branding of your services is accomplished by using unique new 800 numbers and "dot.coms." This approach exemplifies a new and very powerful way of doing business. Custom toll free "vanity" numbers are far more memorable than the underlying raw numbers that they represent. This is also true of unique and well chosen "dot.com" domain names. Is there any doubt that domains such as CocaCola.Com®, or matched domain names and toll free numbers such as 800flowers.com and 1-800-FLOWERS® have fabulous name branding, memorability and commercial value? Distinctive branding is essential to commercial success.

Beyond Branding:

Beyond effective branding, commercial success requires expertise in web site design, web hosting, corporate image creation and, of course, excellent support.

Not all web sites are created equal. Great web sites are created by experienced and talented web crafters who create sites that are handsome, credible, fast loading, easy to navigate, and laden with the content needed to generate the sales your business demands.

Exactly which server hosts your web site is vital to the commercial success of any web based enterprise. Here's why:

  • Great "bandwidth" -- The server can handle lots of traffic even during peak hours. The analogy here is that of comparing the traffic flow on a 2 lane highway with one that has 6 lanes. Think of a single toll booth on a busy 6 lane highway; compare this with 6 toll booths on the same highway. Your visitors are in a hurry. The server must respond quickly. The web is unforgiving; you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Speed counts.
  • 99.9% "Uptime" -- Time is money. Servers that are are down or off-line for any reason are costing sales. Potential clients just "click away" and visit competitors when they cannot easily access your site. Redundant systems help keep your site online virtually all of the time.

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